24 July 2010


an introduction
of many realities confuses
one track minds
causes a closing of open ears
a famine in the plenty

we are shapes of the Earth dancing
in the magic valley and
They’re mining us on our
one journey through her fields
“The Earth was the mother,”
the voices said
“The Earth was the mother.”
rivers flowed from open mouths.

It rains in valleys
south of hell
mining intelligence
monsters beat unholy bells
children never Born 18
blaze incoherently
to ash

Every word has power
The Beast feeds on thought because
certain things just got to be looked at
we live in shadows
of eradication

the other day
a thousand years ago
what happened to the tribes of Europe
makes spectators thirst for blood
attacking spirits,
democracy reigns terror
stifling voices
shouting from the sidelines
“You just don’t get it-
save yourselves
there’s nothing wrong with us
lift me up
so everything you do
doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Here is the prompt as written at Writer’s Island. (Thanks for the prompt, Rob!)
••> The “lucky” thirteenth prompt for 2010 is something a little different — just for fun. The prompt is: TITLES… Please permit me to explain a bit more. Go grab your favorite music album/CD that contains a number of different songs. Look at the titles, then use all, or as many or few of these “complete” titles as you wish to create your written piece.

I confess to cheating, in that I used a spoken word CD rather than music.  Tracks is the track titles from John Trudell ’s spoken word album, JT DNA. It is available for download at iTunes. Every title appears, in order, in Tracks.

List of spoken word tracks on John Trudell’s cd, JT DNA.
1. Introduction
2. Of Many Realities
3. Famine In the Plenty
4. We Are Shapes of the Earth
5. The Magic Valley
6. They’re Mining Us
7. One Journey
8. The Earth was the Mother
9. The Voices Said
10. The Earth was the Mother
11. South of Hell
12. Intelligence
13. Born 18
14. Every Word Has Power
15. The Beast
16. Certain Things Just Got to Be Looked At
17. The Other Day
18. What Happened to The Tribes of Europe
19. Spectator
20. Democracy
21. Shouting from the Sidelines
22. There’s Nothing Wrong With Us
23. Me Up
24. Doesn’t Hurt Anymore


Systematic Weasel said...

Wonderfully woven together! I always find it difficult to do these types of prompts. Great post!


Systematic Weasel said...

Sorry, but I forgot to mention that you have a blog award!



flaubert said...

Now this is what I call well put together!
Great job Brenda!

flaubert said...

Brenda I nominated you for the one lovely blog and you need go to my blog to pick up the logo and the info
here is the link:

Anonymous said...

great job Brenda...this is a fantastic poem...i loved the flow of the lines:):)

Anonymous said...

brenda...i'm in ur poetry group in poets united...plz check this link:)

Elizabeth said...

Brenda I think this is fantastic. You didn't cheat, just chose a different type of CD, lol. And I love how you wove the titles altogether so smoothly and made so much sense from it all.


Stan Ski said...

You went in a direction that most of us didn't think of, but gave us plenty to think about in the process.

Anonymous said...

A real poem, and I hadn't a clue until the end which lines were titles. I just thought you were writing a poem about tracks! Bravo.

anthonynorth said...

This is a Herculian effort. Excellently done.

Annie said...

In this case, cheating is a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

This is really clever; well done.


brenda w said...

Pamela and Weasel...Thanks for the award. Both of you are in my blog roll, and I love both of your work! I won't post the award here, though, as it reminds me a little bit of chain letters. I do appreciate the mention, and am honored that you selected my blog to award.

Mary said...

Brenda, I enjoyed the creative way that you fulfiled this prompt. That's what it's all about, I think....taking the prompt in a creative direction, and you certainly did that!


brenda w said...

Thanks for your support and encouragement, Mary, and everyone. I do appreciate all the comments. It's nice to be read, and it's even nicer to know that my words are well received.
Stan, I'm glad the piece is food for thought. That was one of my intentions. :)

Loch Rob said...

I think we will all have done something special if we can live on this earth, doing no harm. Your poem is full of introspection.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love it:D!The poem is flowing in mind~~Thank for sharing=D I can really feel it;D

Wayne Pitchko said...

you did indeed go in a different direction.....but a good one....nicely done and thanks for sharing Brenda

keiths ramblings said...

This is so different. It must have taken you ages! I really enjoyed it.

brenda w said...

Loch Robb- Thanks for sharing some wisdom here. Well done. Your photography is spreading beauty on the Internet, that much I know. I appreciate your visit and kindness.

Thanks Riika, I'm head to your blog next! :) (Check out riika's blog...she's awesome!)

Wayne, I'm glad you like the piece. I do, too.

Keith, It did not take that long. However, I've over listened to JT DNA. It was my intention to capture the spirit of that recording. Time spent listening to Trudell made this piece flow easily. I'm happy you enjoyed it!