12 July 2010

for the BLNWR birds

Common coots, and
eared grebes float on
benign white pillows
in mirrored miles
of sky surrounded by
lush marshes of cattail
and native grasses.

A wee marsh wren,
in knee high reeds,
repetitive shrieks
to remind me
this is Its
set aside
not mine.

Everything quiets
in response to
its tirade,
until again
voices rise and call.

Imperceptible signals
or shifting winds
dispatch ample wings
to ride eddies
in dizzying dance.

A congregation in flight
praise and fury at
being wild and alive
in this wetland marsh
where people seldom tread.

BLNWR stands for Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge, it is north of town. My husband and I spent several hours there reading, writing, and listening this weekend.

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Everyday Goddess said...

that is so great, taking the time to listen to what our animal cousins are saying. excellent!

my word verification is: achoo

(how funny is that?) gesundheit!

brenda w said...

Gesundheit, indeed! That's funny. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words behind. It's nice to have wild spaces on the Earth to visit.

flaubert said...

Beautiful poem Brenda simply beautiful
I could feel everything is this!

brenda w said...

Thanks Pamela, I'm glad you liked it.

gautami tripathy said...

I liked it so much!

hugging the stones, I meditate fervently

Rinkly Rimes said...

Very descriptive. I love the way (not in the poem) that you describe yourself as a 'cynical optimist'. I think that's what I am too.

Linda Goin said...

Love this Web site, especially the photo of "me." Hi me!

I thought of the mockingbird in my Bradford Pear when I read your poem, and how I've intruded in her life. But, then I think I'm older than that mockingbird, so I go out and sing with her. Your BLNWR sounds lovely and untainted. I hope it stays that way so you can write much more about that Eden.

brenda w said...

Guatami, thank you for stopping by, glad you liked the poem.
Rinkly - Yeah, I think there are four or five others who wrote cynical optimist in blogger for occupation..haha
Linda- Hi! Nice to see you here. I was singing with the birds up there for quite some time. I can't help myself. My crow call is awesome!

Jingle said...

vivid words.
you look fabulous!

RiikaInfinityy said...

excellent work done! :D I can seriously understand what the birds are trying to say now XD Thank for sharing =3