19 July 2010


live spirit pictures
spring from my fingers
until eerie stillness lingers

tentative digits
press keys and delete
to edit empty defeat

inside from outside
recycled through soul
poems come and poems go

At POW this week Rallentanda encouraged us to write what's on our mind. Check out Rall's poetry this week. Also check in the comments of her pieces to read more excellent poems this week, there are sure to be plenty!


rallentanda said...

Poems come and poems go, the trick is getting them down. I have a few good ones going on but I am usually in the car and by the time I unpack piles of shopping and get inside they have disappeared.

Dina Spice said...

Love the sss in the first stanza and the tad of rhyme throughout...

I'm always in the shower when the best bits and pieces come to mind. Sometimes I'm at my computer, still soapy, with a towel wrapped around me!

- Dina

Rinkly Rimes said...

Certainly poetry comes and goes, sometimes at very inconvemient moments!

brenda w said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It's interesting that we all know about "the disappearing poem!" Darn things...think there's a special place for them out there in the universe where they all get together to express themselves?

vivienne blake said...

The trick is "never be without pen and paper, even in the loo" Some of my best poems have been written while contemplating a roll of soft toilet tissue!

Your poem is lovely - I'm glad you didn't delete it permanently.

Herb Alyètte said...

welcome to Poets Unite mate.

brenda w said...

Viv, Thank you for your encouragement. You always make me feel so darn good inside! :)

Thanks for the welcome Herb!

Mary said...

I agree about poems coming and going. What kills me is when I have something 'up' on my computer, decide to shut down my computer, and end up closing something without saving it. Usually then that poem is just GONE!


Derrick said...

Of course, the poems have to come before they can go and I have trouble with the former! You, on the other hand, seem to be on a flow. I've just read your stream of consciousness poems, the process for which left me staring blankly!!

brenda w said...

Ha! Derrick, Thank you for making me smile this morning...big and wide! I am blessed with time on my hands. It is summer in America, and I am a teacher. I so relish my summers. Glad you stopped by to comment, your kindness and smiling face are appreciated.