13 July 2010

breakfast in bed

for Len

Never in that
dream of dreams
childhood sent my 
nighttimes to, did I 
imagine You, my 
love. Even

as gray shoots 
through your dark
outrageous curls 
certain brown eyed
glances bring 
moistening and we 
relinquish our day
to the bedroom 
faire l’amour.

You become my
dark prince
and trusted stallion—
rider and horse 
as one.

In the morning,
tethered to fields
of rich dark coffee,
my tongue
follows a sweet dark 
rivulet from 
pain au chocolat
up the long 
slow curve
of your 
succulent chin.

A big thank you to Rallentanda at POW. This piece would not have come without her prompt. "Write a poem in the style of Prevert with some French sprinkles. Please provide a translation if you are going to use big chunks of French .I look forward to some very varied and interesting poems next week. A toute a l'heure."

I read several translations of Jacques Prevert's poems before writing my own. I wanted to write a piece that included coffee and love. ha!


Marianne ~ said...

Beautiful, sensual poem, Brenda! To love ... and to coffee!

Stan Ski said...

You only sprinkled the French words, but this post is full of French passion.

flaubert said...

Quite the passionate piece Brenda!

barbara said...

Fine poem. Loving and sexy.

vivienne blake said...

Very sexy, and French in spirit.

Dina Spice said...

Dark and sensual...two things that definitely work well with love and coffee. Stir that up with a dollop of French - pure yum.

- Dina

Mary said...

Brenda, I can definitely tell you read a lot of Prevert before writing, as you got into the style so well...and, as Stan said, the French passion!

Diane T said...

Great work, Brenda! Definitely French style love-making, lol. Especially that river of chocolate on his chin, tee hee.

rallentanda said...

Bet Len loved this,especially now he is immortalised in verse and known internationally as a hottie! Loved this Brenda. When it comes to 'faire l'amour' the French get gold! Beautiful poem.
Say hello to Hazel!

Linda Goin said...

Ok. What I would like to see is some chocolate drizzled across his chest, maybe some ice cream shared between the two of you from one spoon at one time, and perhaps throw in some whipped cream. Yes, whipped cream. =)

Seriously -- a beautiful and sensuous piece, just French enough to be subtle, not pretentious, and wonderfully and frankly in love. Thanks.

brenda w said...

Rall--I love your prompts because I can post Tuesday night in Montana, and wake up to a plethora of positive comments on Wednesday. (I'll let Len know about his updated international status!) You also get me writing things that may not come otherwises. Hazel says Meow.

Linda, Love lives in my life. Never thought it could be so strong. woo hoo! Whipped cream is always delightful.

Thank you all for reading and commenting, my morning is shining through all the dark clouds outside.

Francis Scudellari said...

It's good to know such passion still exists in the world :). I love the last stanza.

Wayne Pitchko said...

bien fait Brenda