06 July 2010

her cursed eye

My eye will haunt you, far beyond this day.
Its yellow flecks will constrict your passions.
Like Poe’s old man’s heart, that’s what some will say.

It watches you spend your father’s rations
with gazes intent when lovers draw nigh.
Your slick-willy ways and stunning fashions

smash in your face when you mention my eye.
Your lover gasps, and asks if you’re crazy.
You say, "Can’t you see it, up in the sky?

Up there, by the clouds, maybe it’s hazy.
You really can’t see it? It casts a light.
The eye of my first love, now dead Daisy.

That day she cursed me, her eye threw a blight.
She may be gone. but I’m still in her sight."

Shout out to Rallentanda at POW for the great picture prompt.  This piece is a terza rima sonnet, a form Rallentanda had us working with a couple weeks ago.


J. D. Mackenzie said...

Brenda, nice interpretation of how images linger over time and sometimes haunt. Your use of the form reads so well, nicely done.

rallentanda said...

This is such a good sonnet. Your use of assonance makes it flow so smoothly . I find this
difficult to do.Dead Daisy's revenge hey:) I love ' slick willy ways '..not heard this expression before. Will definitely use this one!

vivienne blake said...

These terza rimas have really caught on. Yours is terrific. I too like slick willy ways - it makes me think of certain over-charming charmers.

Stan Ski said...

A skeleton in every closet. Well constructed piece.

Derrick said...

Great sonnet, Brenda. And you may be starting a trend with 'slick willy'!

barbara said...

"slick willy" was a right-wing blogger name for Bill Clinton. Sorry, but it's stuck in my mind now, all mixed up. Clinton in the sky like an Arkansas moon.

Marianne ~ said...

I'm so impressed! This piece is amazing! I think terza rima sonnets are hugely challenging to write. You have made it look easy!

brenda w said...

Wow I woke up to words from all of you great people! Good morning, indeed.

Barbara is right, slick Willy was a moniker for Bill Clinton. It rose up after he was caught "not making love" (read oral sex) with white house intern Monica Lewinsky. Lovely American story. ha!

Thanks everyone for your kind words, it really does brighten my morning to see each of you here. I'll be heading your way after a few errands this morning.

Derrick said...

"It rose up", Brenda???!!! :0)

flaubert said...

Love this sonnet!
"slick willy" (hiliarious)though I don't think Bill was all that funny!

brenda w said...

Derrick, I was wondering if anyone would catch that. You win! ;-)

Pamela, I agree with you completely! Complicated men gain power and fall prey to stupidity. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the poem, especially 'slick-willy'. Inspired!


Francis Scudellari said...

I admire you're taking on the terza rima again. Structure continues to daunt me. I was always a sucker for Poe, so I love that allusion. Now whenever I see Clinton I'll be imagining Daisy's eyes watching him.