14 July 2010

Lord Ganesha

In my dark bed
every noise registers
your heavy presence
on the shelf near
the door
entering our office.
(A bed-to-statue drill
takes less than
2 seconds.)


Dear Ganesha,

Remover of Obstacles
Patron of Arts and Sciences
Deva of Intellect
Patron of Letters
Bestower of Good Beginnings

Let our life together
be filled with
a successive flow of
words and learning
with no real life trauma
where I ram your long
brass arm into the eye
of any “obstacle”
who enters my home
uninvited in the middle
of a deep dark night.

Shout out to We Write Poems for the prompt.  Visit the link to take in some marvelous poetry.


Uma said...

A beautiful prayer Brenda.

gautami tripathy said...

I love Ganesha!

timely interventions

flaubert said...

This beautiful!
As Uma said a beautiful prayer!

barbara said...

that's a protector with brass!

Neil Reid said...

Is it allowed (what they all said) but also elements of both humor and an ever so slight edge of danger too. All of which I appreciate! Lord of things that go bump in life? Very nice.

Anonymous said...

I like the two different uses of the statue, one as a spiritual and emotional protector, the other as a physical protector to bash into the eye of an intruder. Well done!

brenda w said...

Thank you all for your kind words.
Guatami-Ganesha is beloved in my home. I traveled through India in 1987 and could feel the love for him that spills through your country. I carried that love home with me, and purchased this figure because I missed seeing him.
Barbara--You should feel the heft of Ganesha!
Neil--You got it! I love Lord of things that go bump in the night. There's also that baseball bat under the bed.
Mallery--Exactly! A smaller(for the safety of the children)Ganesha sits on a shelf in my classroom at school. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Mallery...that's what struck me about this poem, his dual role as both literal and spiritual protector.

I've been fascinated with Ganesha, especially when I read the story of his creation and how he came to have an elephant's head.

Nicely done.


Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done.....thanks for this.....I have Ganesha in my garden dancing for my Buddha

Mary said...

I too agree with what Mallery said. I loved the two different moods of this poem. First the prayerful one. Then the other use for Ganesha if need be. Your poem made me smile!


Linda Goin said...

Ganesha is powerful, Ganesha is funny, at least in your respectful yet practical hands. I love this, Brenda. Well done!

irene said...

A lovely prayer Brenda. I like that there's a remover of obstacles god.

Derrick said...

We have had a very small statue of Ganesha for many years but seated and made of wood, so he wouldn't be of such practical use as yours! Hopefully, your prayers will render his other services unnecessary.