15 May 2010

The Soul Seller's Villanelle

On the island of muses and dreams
Sally sells souls by the seashore
that transmit remarkable reams.

She entices poets with themes
that their muses bring to the fore.
On the island of muses and dreams

Sally guarantees reading regimes
of the souls' words bought by the shore
who transmit remarkable reams.

A purchase is not what it seems,
poets pay for the dead soul’s rapport.
On the island of muses and dreams

you barter your own muses streams,
for the soul (remember, readers galore!)
that transmits remarkable reams.

Sally dangles the key to extremes.
Eternity as a writing whore
who transmits remarkable reams
on the island of muses and dreams.

Shout out to Writer's Island for the prompt. Simply put, a key.


anthonynorth said...

The repetition was great in this.

brenda said...

Thanks Anthony. This propmt was difficult for me. If I feel stuck, I often turn to a poetic form like the Villanelle...it can loosen up my muse. Still not sure what I think of this piece, but I do appreciate your kind words.

Marianne ~ said...

I've always admired anyone who can write to this form! I find it very challenging and you've done a fantastic job!

brenda said...

Thank you Marianne. I did break a villanelle rule. The last two lines of the final stanza should be in opposite order:
on the island of muses and dreams
who transmits remarkable reams

It just worked better the other way. But what's the worst thing that will happen? Poet's jail? Hey I bet there's some interesting scoundrels in there!

flaubert said...

Love the repetition in this. Nicely done.

angie said...

wow -- what a lovely take on the old tongue-twister, and kudos for tackling the villanelle!

Linda Goin said...

Love the villanelle for a sing-song dreamy attitude. Great idea for this poem, Brenda. Like, too, the twist on the age-old tongue twister.

Jingle said...


awards 4 u,
Happy Monday!

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done....I hrdly every write a villanelle.....maybe i will try one again