27 May 2010


sing for your supper
sing for your sex
sing for the woman
who’ll love you the best
your singing draws her up to you
her face against your chest
she feels the deep down rumble you
and plans to later tumble you
in sheets devoid of rest
sing for your supper
sing for your sex
sing for the woman
who’ll love you the best

The Big Tent Poetry prompt this week was "aphrodisiac."  I thought about things that can get me yearning, and up popped baritone.


vvienne blake said...

Great fun. I'm glad you found the time.

Derrick said...

Did I mention I have a pleasant baritone voice?! Great song.

rallentanda said...

Love your song. I find baritones and counter tenors very sexy!

Everyday Goddess said...

this was great to read, i found myself chanting along quite happily!

Maxie Rumson said...

Great idea! I had focused on the list of foods & completely forgot about the aphrodisiac qualities of music & voice. Thanks for the memory!

Tumblewords: said...

Bravo for baritones!

Everyday Goddess said...

this was such fun to read, even aloud, i gave you one of my weekly awards.
come on over and collect it when you can!

Brian Miller said...

oh that was beautiful...and i'll sing...smiles. congrats on the POTW over at Goddess'.

Linda Goin said...

Oh, I loved this! I loved the sing-song simplicity and flirtatious poetry. Thanks!

brenda said...

Wow! Thank you for all the kudos.
Derrick...You made me laugh. Thanks!
EG-I'll see if I can figure the award out. Thank you for the honor.

After a busy week, I woke up early to do some reading, and the first thing I saw was all of your great comments. The sky is gray and looming, but my heart is full.

PattiKen said...

This is so catchy and very flirtatious. I liked it a lot.

Deb said...

(Glad you are enjoying the Big Tent!)

This was a terrific response (agree with other's comment about sound), and I couldn't agree more. Like the "deep down rumble you," especially.

Jingle said...

what fun poem,
you cool song in a poetic form.
Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

thanks for making time! it's a cute little diddy!

flaubert said...

I like this bouncy poem fun!

Paul Oakley said...

The rhyming and repetition is a very nice touch for this lyric, Brenda. Very singable structure.

Anonymous said...

The rhythm and rhyme makes it sound like music. Nicely done.


Mary said...

I like your poem. I feel the same about wanting to get something written. My poem this week came rather late too...but I am glad I wrote...something.


Cynthia Short said...

This reminds me of a jumprope rhyme in it's meter and cadence. Really enjoyed the unique quality of it!