30 May 2010

Love Ghazal

A mantra for a woman who searches for exclusive love
ends her rumination on a haunting and abusive love.

Enveloped in a fuselage of unintended loss
she can’t escape the dark mirage of bleak intrusive love.

Words in chant when uttered, beneath a star-dropped sky
tease open unfluttered, her soul’s reclusive love.

Syllables will congregate and carry a command
to seep through hearts and generate an unobtrusive love.

In profile on Match.com, Caw chanted as she typed
“Internet Yenta, catch me a catch of mutually effusive love.”

The ghazal is a poetic form with roots in 7th century Arabia. The last stanza should reference the poet. It was interesting to go there. And yes, I met my husband on Match.com. We will be married six years on July 31. It worked for us! A shout out to Sunday Scribblings for the mantra prompt, and to Robert Lee Brewer at Poetic Asides for introducing me to the ghazal. (In the last stanza, I changed my name, Brenda, to Caw. It's a nick I use sometimes in reference to conversations I carry on with crows. ha! One syllable sounded better, and dot com to Caw...you get the picture.)


anthonynorth said...

That's an interesting form - and good on you. Nicely done.

b said...

This is so interesting. It is a wonderful day when we learn something new. As Anthony said, "Good on you!" :)



Understanding Alice said...

hooray for match.com and for your poem - I really enjoyed it!

brenda said...

Thank you Anthony, b, and Alice. Look for more ghazals in the next week or two. Poetic Asides is sponsoring a ghazal a contest. Go check it out and create your own ghazal!

SandyCarlson said...

Wonderful poem. And thanks for the back story. Happy anniversary! Bleak intrusive love--I know it well.

Everyday Goddess said...

wow, that's very interesting. happy anniversary!

Dee Martin said...

Love the feel of this and the sound of it in my head - all the loves at the endings. I have never heard of this form but it is beautiful. Happy anniversary :)

flaubert said...

Totally sweet Brenda I am glad you found love!

Francis Scudellari said...

I've never tried a ghazal but it looks like it could be fun. The reference to match.com as "internet yenta" made me chuckle.

Divaa Divine said...

whaoooo!!! absolutely creative and you ve nailed it!

Makes of a Melodious Mantra

jaerose said...

Hi Brenda, thanks for your visit..there was so much in your piece. Very neatly drawn together and some lovely imagery (I like the idea of 'star-dropped skies'!) Jae

Bernard S. Jansen said...

I enjoyed the progressive "-ive" type loves.