14 May 2010

being's demise

invisible operative
placed amongst us
gains knowledge
gains access
directs activity

invisible operative
placed amongst us
placed where spirit
gets eaten

on spirit’s demise

human beings
lack access
lack connection
to ancestral wisdom
a spiritual disconnect

invisible operative
placed amongst us
erases original dreams
breaks being human

the prevalent reality
of the already dead
lacks coherent action

erase pain erase pain erase
a scapegoat to embrace

invisible operative
placed amongst us
masks being
beneath human

on being’s demise

The Big Tent prompt this week asked writer's to spend time listening to language, and use sound in our poems. John Trudell's words inspired this piece.  He is a Santee Sioux.  He is an activist.  He is a poet.  His body houses an extraordinary mind.  You tube him.  Listen.  Give him a chance.  Check out Trudell the Movie.


Derrick said...

Thought you were talking about Facebook!! Seriously dark imaginings here and sadness.

brenda said...

Derrick- I love the Facebook take on it. It works. Clever thinking. I'm glad you shared that.

flaubert said...

I love what you did here.
"on spirit's demise" powerful words

Marianne ~ said...

Oh! This is a sad one, Brenda ... and hopeless! Well done!

Francis Scudellari said...

We have met the enemy and it is us. This is a very compelling piece. The repetition gives the demise a sense of inevitability.

Ron. said...

"feeding feeding feeding on spirit's demise"
Oh my.

Dark and ominous; just the way I likes 'em.

Tumblewords: said...

Dark with premonition. This is insightful and finely tuned!

Ana said...

the repetitions do give it a sense of urgency...and also a feeling of robotic, sequential movement...contemporary realities devouring the humanness

Jingle said...

what beautiful poem,
I like the repetition of words..
Happy Saturday!

Deb said...

I'll chime in with what others' said -- Ana's point is so well stated! On a second reading

"erase pain erase pain erase
a scapegoat to embrace"

stood out -- repetition, rhyme, and the robotic rebooting.

A pleasure to read.

brenda said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Pamela-Thank you for your constant kindnesses.
Francis- agreed
Tumblewords..love your words...keep 'em tumbling!
Ana, your comment sums it up well for me. thank you for your insight.
Deb- When I read it aloud, my voice changes to a higher flowing read only for erase pain erase pain erase, then goes back to the more repetitive robotic
Thanks for another great prompt!

Anonymous said...

lacks access
lacks connection

and later:

lacks cohesive

i like the repeating words and sounds!