30 May 2010

Blindsided by Hopper

To commemorate her sixth Christmas in the world, I wanted to surprise TL with a deaf dog. She asked Santa for one, so she “would not be the only deaf person” in our small family of two. An online search led me to Bangtail dog rescuers in Bozeman, Montana only 3 hours away. Most of these dogs were of herding stock, and that gave me some concern as our small house teemed with cats. Nonetheless, at $250 to cover the hand shape training and upkeep of the dog, I was about to take the plunge, when the Deaf school rang me up, urging me to come in to the office.

When I arrived, they showed me a flyer.

“Black Pete
Deaf Dog
Free to good home
Call Skyline Veterinary to set up a meeting.”

There he was, the dog of our dreams. Free.

The sheriff’s department found him on the side of highway 87, head split open, brain exposed. They carried him in to Skyline Veterinary, where they stitched his scalp together. The staff loved Black Pete for four long months, until he was ready to go. Home, with us—where TL calls him Hopper, and he knows the sign for love.

Shout out to Writer’s Island for the prompt, blindsided, or having something unexpected drop into your life. Hopper is a gift we enjoy every day. Serendipity.


Francis Scudellari said...

Such a great story... the magic of the moment is palpable.

Stan Ski said...

Top marks to the sheriffs department!

Linda Goin said...

Wonderful -- a second life around for all concerned. Blessings!

anthonynorth said...

A great, feelgood post.

vivienne blake said...

Anthony, you've hit the nail on the head. My mood and tiredness were lifted by reading this touching memoir.


brenda said...

Thank you all.
@Francis-Magic covers it well!
Linda- Thank you for the blessings. He's been with us for 9 years. (wow!)
Anthony and Viv, Thank you. I'm glad Hopper's story brings good feelings. He says "Woof!" in his deep Hopper voice.

flaubert said...

The most beautiful heartfelt story I have read in a very long time! It brought tears of joy to my eyes thanks for sharing this!

brenda said...

Thanks Pamela. See, there goes Hopper, spreading joy again! ~Brenda

00dozo said...

A perfect fit and happy 'tail' for the prompt. Have a great Memorial Day!

Dee Martin said...

what an awesome story! sends me to my happy place :)


Nicola Batty said...

I'd love to think this story's true... but it doesn't really matter, the idea of deaf communication between a child and a dog is lovely and crazy!!

Robin said...

Wow! Sounds like a match made in heaven. You got what you wanted and that dog got probably much more than it ever bargained for. Awesome!