24 May 2010

dragon plea

Misplaced dog on linoleum
black on yellow
curled up alone
thirsting the end
of kidney function.

Veterinary I.V.s
fluidify your form.

Please. Please.
Let them slay that dragon.

Hopper is in the dog hospital today. This is for him.
Thank you to Sunday Scribblings for the prompt.


anthonynorth said...

Here's hoping he's okay.

brenda said...

Thanks Anthony. It's amazing how much love our pets give rise to...

aspiemom said...

I hope he's ok. <3

lucychili said...

mm lucychili is a nick borrowed
from a dog who lived to 17
four legged folk are powerful
friends and i can relate to that
feeling of concern

brenda said...

Thanks you guys...
lucychili is an awesome nick...thanks for the background info.

Good news. Hopper came home, and is slowly recovering from what we think is Rimadyl poisoning. Rimadyl is an anti inflammatory prescribed for arthritis. He only had two half doses, and it almost killed him.

Once school is out I'll write about the experience. I've been doing some online searches for Rimadyl toxicity. Hopper is one of a small minority of dogs who can't handle the drug.

Rimadyl is the dragon. Hopper's medicated body will slay it.


linda may said...

Glad to hear Hopper is recovering. I once made our Dog Rufus sick by giving him Brazil nuts, poor little doggie, but I didn't know any better.