09 May 2010

my courage stone

That precious puller of ocean tides
abides pierced craters collided in its sides.

Meteors hit the moon and
the steadfast man who stands thereon
blows chunks of cheese
in an atmospheric breeze.

Some of its surface sucks up into stars
a piece beats a hole in my yard.

Radar transmits courage
from the little man to me
strength that warms my
pocket just because
it be.

Shout out to Sunday Scribblings for the prompt!


Understanding Alice said...

How cool is that! I will look up more often...

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sg beatty said...

that is awesome. love the words and how you put them together. nice writing

anthonynorth said...

You've tied up so much in this post on courage. Excellent.

jaerose said...

Very neat - like a strong little stone we all need in our pockets..thanks for your visit..Jae

Dee Martin said...

this has a fantastic feel to it - truly!