27 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 27 ~ Language is a Virus

April’s end nears! Thank you for reading my work this month, and for leaving your impressions Beyond the Bozone. Knowing that you read and appreciate some of my pieces brings me joy. If you blog, you know.

I created today’s piece while playing with the phrase generator at Language is a Virus. I wrote four short phrases as instructed, and synonyms for the phrases. Then I cut and pasted it all in a word document and was left with this piece; the process is interesting. There is no next time is for my friend David Arnott, who died last December.

there is no next time

a truck’s cackle shuffles off
white flesh falling into ash
talk and smoke
dust to dust
pulverized soul
crumble into nothing
dissipate down eternity’s highway
there is no next time


Marianne said...

Very intense words. I especially like: "dissipate down eternity’s highway."

Mary said...

A moving piece of writing, Brenda, which had me rereading. Makes me realize we never know when there will be no next time......

lucychili said...

yes it could be us

Stan Ski said...

You got it right first time... just as well... :)

flaubert said...

I love how you arrived at this piece, Brenda. Though a very sad subject, it is a moving poem.


Anonymous said...

Brenda, I'm so sorry for your loss, for so many losses in this ridiculous, pointless, endless war. Your images are sharp; your final words give the poem life.


Andy Sewina said...

I like the way this process works, a kind of shuffled memory, perhaps. A cool tribute to your friend.

Linda said...

Very moving words-- a sad tribute

Mr. Walker said...

"talk and smoke / dust to dust" haunts me - that talk is like smoke. The spareness of the language is heady - open to interpretation - and yet well conveying your feeling of loss. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

Anonymous said...

Brenda...after multiple reads, I couldn't decide on which line "did it for me"....they all fit together so well, I couldn't pick! Well done!