02 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 2 - Article Erasure

Process notes:
This article on NPR got me thinking about peace and democracy. Does democracy promote military action? Is “peace and democracy” an oxymoron? Aside from the parenthetical addition to the last stanza, all of the words below came from the article. I cut and pasted it into a document and deleted words in “erasure” fashion. All but the last four lines occur in the order they appear in the document.



It's no surprise
pockets of protest
challenge President Bashar Assad.

Alarm bells in Washington punch.

The situation is threatening
to unravel intricate
relations with allies and foes.

Strategic setbacks
usher in the unknown.
Tensions bind freedom and reform.
Uprisings press an explosive gauntlet
as Syria’s military is still
on Assad’s side.

Syrian hands try
to manipulate America.
(consider Lybia)

We exile peace in democracy.

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vivinfrance said...

Your 'found and erased' poem reads very well. Totally coherent, wry and up to date. Bravo.

flaubert said...

Nicely done erasure poem, Brenda, it reads perfectly.


Tilly Bud said...

This is really clever. I love it.

Stan Ski said...

A job well done!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I did an erasure recently as well, and part was on Japan...

This was very well done. The war machine needs to eat constantly - it's like a shark, except it feeds on money and innocent lives, as well as many, many fighters on both sides.

Peace isn't sexy because the fat cats don't understand how much money is to be made in it. That's just my cynical leftie viewpoint...

Amy (my Captcha code was "misterce," as in "Miss Terse," LOL

Mr. Walker said...

Brenda, I loved your erasure poem. My favorite line was: “Tensions bind freedom and reform.” And that last line, hauntingly perfect.