03 April 2011

Wordle prompt for your use

Here's a Wordle created from Sylvia Plath's Mirror, Emily Dickinson's The Railway Train, and a piece I wrote after reading those two pieces. Four words from each piece made the wordle. If anyone wants a prompt, give this wordle a whirl. I'll post a piece tomorrow, and would love to see you give it a try! If you use the wordle, link it here, or in tomorrow's Bozone post.  Thanks for stopping by!


flaubert said...

I know I am quick, but I just saw this on my blogroll, Brenda. I like the idea of using these words to create a poem. Do I post my link here, tomorrow? I am going to give it a try.


brenda w said...

Yes, Pamela. Either here, or on my post tomorrow. I'm working on a piece for tomorrow that I'll post. I'm glad you're on board. The words are interesting, it's fun to imagine others' takes on them. Spread the word! :-)

barbara said...

I gave it a turn. Probably going to give it a little more thought, though

flaubert said...

Here is my poem, thanks for the wordle, Brenda.


Mr. Walker said...

Brenda, thanks for the wordle. Here's my attempt: http://sadlywaiting.blogspot.com/2011/04/agitation.html