10 April 2011

NaPoWriMo ~ Sunday Wordle for You

After a handful of poets responded with a piece to last Sunday’s wordle prompt, I created another one. I pulled these words from the works of three poets who posted their poems at Writer’s Island today. Four words each came from Andy Sewina’s She Can Laugh, Whistler’s Annunciation by Ron at Scrambled not Fried, and Pamela Sayers’ Mr. Corruption.  Thank you all for your poetry.

My piece came quickly.  The last three lines are a haiku and a riddle.  It is a literary reference.   It feels post apocalyptic to me.  If you want to give it a go, link to your piece in the comment section.  We are one third through April!

rambling rumblings

scrambling scumbags laugh
as they scatter through the
hundred year old hovels
of their underground minds
where dandelions remind them
of their gloomy youth
as feeble orphans
fed on fury
a crucial component of corrugated ash

words disintegrate
in cobwebs as some pig hums
about a spider

I posted this at Writer's Island so more of you can rise to the prompt.  As we say, the more the merrier!


flaubert said...

I love that you are setting these up for us, Brenda, and thanks for using my poem, much appreciated:)
I shall give it a whirl!


Elizabeth said...

Brenda, thanks for the words. I will try it for tomorrow's poem, see what our traveler comes up with. All three of these poets are individuals I both admire and respect. Really like what you did with the words, some of the same thoughts occurred to me as I wrote them down. Will have to find a new channel to explore. Here's hoping,


flaubert said...

Good heavens! I forgot to tell you how much I like where you went with the worlde words. The last part is Charlotte's Web? Or am I completely off? I believe napo maybe wearing on my senses a bit or I am becoming forgetful:)


brenda w said...

Yup, Charlotte's web. Don't worry about not commenting on the poem. I figured you were waiting until you wrote your own to read it! I'm glad you and Elizabeth liked the poem. I like it, too.

I must say Napo is wearing on me a bit. Spring Break doesn't start for me until April 21...then six days off!

Marianne said...

Your wordle prompt is awesome, Brenda! Too late to do it today, since I posted something silly this morning. =)

I have just written a wordle for posting tomorrow. I wrote mine, then read yours, so as not to be influenced or blocked. You've done an amazing job with your Rambling Rumblings. My wordle came quickly, too. Ash was the most difficult word for me to use.

Lisa said...

i'm not sure what a wordle is, but i really love what you've done with the words here - nice :)

brenda w said...

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!
Lisa, a wordle is a group of words to create a poem from...different prompt sites offer them up as prompts from time to time. I put this one together with other poets' words. It's the picture with 12 words in it. Give it a whirl if you're interested!

SweetTalkingGuy said...

I like the image
'Scrambling scumbags'!!

Anonymous said...

Scrambling scumbags? Yeah, nail the bastards, Brenda! Sounds like you are I are of like mind this week on CEOs and their ilk.

Loved the little piggie, too!


flaubert said...

Here is my attempt with the wordle words, Brenda. I couldn't fit in "hovels". Thanks again!


Francis Scudellari said...

I've never been able to resist a good wordle prompt. Here's what I came up with: Our hope is only as strong as our shelter.

I like the dark twist you made to the Charlotte's Web reference.

Mr. Walker said...

I really like the image and alliteration of "feeble orphans / fed on fury". It's no wonder they became scrambling scumbags. I liked both poems.

Mr. Walker said...

I finally wrote my poem in response to the wordle prompt yesterday, posted at: http://sadlywaiting.blogspot.com/2011/04/wordle-prompt.html

Anonymous said...

I've read a few "wordle poems" and would love to try it -- I've read too many of the responses to write my own (I try not to read anyone's posts to a prompt until after I've written). So perhaps I'll try the next go-round. When do you post them? And do you post them here? Or at Writer's Island. I love "Three Word Wednesday" so I'm looking forward to trying something that uses more than three words as the prompt! :)