20 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 20 ~ We Write Poems

We Write Poems offered two starter lines for poems. One of them, "I'm willing to eat..." prompted this memory poem that came quickly. Like all memories this old, it is embellished. But rest assured the ingestion of worms for Rainier occured on a playground in Montana. Who says that youth is misspent?

worms for beer

When we were 15 Mary Cullum
told my brother
that she would eat anything
for a six pack of Rainier Beer.

At Super Save Sam bought two things,
a Styrofoam container packed
with night crawlers, woodchips, and dirt,
and a six pack of Rainier cans.

“One for each beer,” he said
as he handed Mary the worms.

She stood in front
of the swing set of our youth
behind Horace Mann
where one at a time
she took out a crawler,
and with thumb and forefinger
pulled debris
from its long moist form.

Tilting her head back
she dropped them in
and swallowed without biting-
six lengthy wiggling worms.

Sam laughed, and cracked a beer for her.
She drank it down
in one long drink
and belched,
then howled at the moon
full above her head.


Stan Ski said...

Great story - gotta be true!

Gloria said...

Ewwww! LOL, I don't think I could ever be that thirsty!! Love it!

vivinfrance said...

That's some girl. I bet she was a wow with the fellers!

Marianne said...

Great story - embellished or not! Mary Cullum must have been quite a girl! Love your poem!

Ron. said...

Yeah, I had a friend like that once. She's older now. You won't believe what she'll do for a drink these days. Great write, B!

flaubert said...

Holy Cow! That Mary must of been the life of the party:) Love the story, Brenda.

brenda w said...

Ha! Mary was crazy and fun. She really was the life of the party. The last I heard of her, she was doing sound for rock bands in New York City...but that was over 20 years ago.

The image stuck in my head is Mary with the swingset of our schoolyard behind her holding worms above her mouth, with her head tilted back. I was in 9th grade! That's horrible. So far, my children behave better than I did. LOL


Mr. Walker said...

Gotta love it. It's a great story told well.

Anonymous said...

MORE WORMS! Funny. I can believe this is a true story... if you had made it up, no one would believe it! Thanks for a funny read, Brenda. Amy

Linda said...

Th details paint the entire story . I can visualize the scene. A great story.