21 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 21 ~ Four Haiku

One of my "additional hats" is to organize our annual Middle School variety show. During the last two weeks scheduling and judging auditions took some time. Yesterday, I posted the 2011 Variety Show Line-Up. I wanted to commemorate the day with a poem. Ventriloquist came first, and it came as one line that was perfectly separated into haiku (kismet). This act brought tears to my eyes. Winston is a turtle who sings with pure pitch. It is Winston’s rendition of Crying by Roy Orbison that nearly brought me to tears.

I wrote a haiku for three other personal favorites, as well. Snazzy Dance is hilarious. The girls have physical comedy down to an art. They make more fun of themselves than anything else. Gavotte speaks for itself. The girl who auditioned with The Climb had heart surgery a couple of weeks prior to the audition. Her audition was breathtaking. Her voice quieted us to the bottom of our souls. I looked up The Climb on YouTube and found that it is a Miley Cyrus song. Miley has nothing on this girl. The Climb is our closing act. Tears will flow, and this young lady will move with her class to the high school next fall.


when Winston sings his
reptilian neck stretches
toward the ceiling

snazzy dance
two afroed white girls
poke fun at Michael Jackson
in a snazzy dance

spectacled lanky
violin virtuoso
awakens classmates

The Climb
she becomes The Climb
Cyrus pales beside the heart
in her rendition

Thank you to Writer's Island for the opportunity to post poems every day this month, and always on Satrudays.


Ron. said...

Haikuluscious. I feel like I've seen the show. thanks.

Stan Ski said...

Yeah, these are very visual.

vivinfrance said...

Lovely haiku. Much better than struggling with ghazals. I wish I could come to your show.

brenda w said...

I'd love to have you, Viv! We have a stage and DVDs are made by a professional who donates his time every year. The light show is phenomenal, and there are big screens where the show is projected while it occurs. It's the last thing we do before summer dismissal. First Friday in June.

I also coach speech and debate at the high school, and I recruit future members of that team as the MCs (master of ceremony). Can you tell how much fun this is?!

Marianne said...

Impressive school program. There was never anything like that when my kids were in school!!! What fun your haiku are. Felt like I was there.

flaubert said...

Brenda, the haikus are full of your heart. How absolutely lovely, and yes, quite visual.


Elizabeth said...

Brenda, loved your explanation and how it rang with your enthusiasm. The haiku puts the reader there, partaking in the performance. Love this post.

PS Just heard The Climb done by contestant on American Idol. Miley has a great deal of good healthy competition. Why does that make me smile?

Judy Roney said...

You made such sense out of few words. I feel like I've been to a talent show. I keep forgetting the Haiku in my writings. You inspire me.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Love the thoughtful Haiku, I wish I went to your school, in my day school was a punishment, you make it sound so cool!

Linda said...

Middle schoolers are such fun to teach. These are wonderful and the story that goes with the verses really brings them to life.

Mr. Walker said...

Brenda, I liked each and every one of these, and they work so well together as well to capture the feeling of a variety show.

Jinksy said...

I feel like a member of the audience after reading those!

Anonymous said...

Lovely haiku, full of heart.

Your show sounds wonderful.

lucychili said...

diverse and thoughtful, whimsical