16 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 16 ~ Recipe

I'm not sure what I think of this piece. A friend asked for this recipe, and I decided to try writing it as a poem. Portions aside, you get the picture.


Casserole for Kara

set aside lightly boiled
cubed potatoes and
crumble pork sausage
into cast iron skillet
grease glass casserole
with pork fatted fingers

chop onions
tyrannizing eyes into
medium high translucence
press garlic,
sizzle and stir until
odor opens nostrils

crack eggs into casserole
scramble slow with
heavy whipping cream
shred in Monterey jack
and sharp cheddar
mix it all together
salt and pepper it up

350 degrees and
45 minutes later
butter sourdough toast
and consume

Thank you to Writer's Island for providing a place to post every day this month, and always on Saturdays.


Stan Ski said...

Now I know what salivating means...

Jinksy said...

Makes me want to head to the kitchen...

flaubert said...

A delicious poem, Brenda:)


Christine said...

That sounds wonderful and I can smell it from here.

Gloria said...

Yummmm! My favorite lines, "chop onions //tyrannizing eyes into//
medium high translucence"

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Phew, you're making me feel hungry and it's 2.58 am Sunday morning here!

Marianne said...

A scrumptious poem indeed ... I love your idea of writing a recipe poem. I may have to give this a try myself!!!