27 May 2011

to the floods

Inundate me.
Pull me into your flow
so swirling limbs become river
washing up on eternity’s shore.
Swirl me through the shelter
of underwater homes
and past the store front windows
with mannequins afloat.

Churning debris
congregates in eddies
as the river’s sisters
drop grey sky
onto Earth.
Taking me with it
to everything else.

Montana is flooding, school is ending.  The apocalypse is in the air.  Video footage of our state right now is amazing.  I've lived here over 40 years, and have never seen this much water.  It's crazy.  The amount of water coming out of the dam in my city is impressive.  One more week of school, way too much to accomplish.  I hope things dry up. 


flaubert said...

Well penned, Brenda. Please stay safe, my friend. The weather is unbearably hot right now, not the usual for here. No rain, just loads of heat. It was 89 here today, unheard of.


brenda w said...

Wow, Pamela, I hope you get some relief from the heat. My home is safe from flooding, and I don't plan to travel this weekend.
I think many people across the states are longing for summer and heat. We in Montana haven't had a good heating up, yet. It's snowing in some parts of the state. I'm happy for the three day weekend. Then only four days and school is out.

Thanks for reading my piece. While 89 is hot, it is nice to know that there's heat somewhere out there. lol

lucychili said...

here it is cold
grey skies
and steamy breath
an amazing world

Mama Zen said...

This is really eerie. Well done!

Mary said...

Brenda, the weather this year is horrendous. Floods. Tornadoes. Other major storms. This is the worst year I can remember. Your poem really captures the essence of 'flood.'

Peggy said...

I like the mystery of this poem about flooding and water. Surprised to hear that Montana is flooding. I feel very spoiled by our S Calif weather. Some call if boring but I love it. Anyway I like your poem very much.

Anna :o] said...

Beautifully done.

Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

the shimmering heat
rises from my dark pavement
night brings no relief

I hope things dry out for you, and that the days before school's end go smoothly!

Jinksy said...

as the river’s sisters
drop grey sky
onto Earth

Beautiful view of rain...

Mr. Walker said...

Brenda, hang in there. The school year's almost over for you. Loved "the river's sisters / drop grey sky / onto Earth."