29 May 2011

The Forgetting

for Len

when the forgetting begins let me mumble my mumblings
when the wandering ensues lock me in our room and
love me

when my vitriolic dementia breeds quiet somber reflection
hold me

encompass me in your age spotted arms
lift me with the spirit of who we used to be
let me ride you like a stallion
when our fallow fields fade
before everything we ever were
gets covered in the grave

This is my first post at Poetry Jam, where the prompt for today is forgetting. 


Mary said...

Wow, wow, wow, Brenda!

You've written so strongly about EVERYONE'S fear!

annell said...

A very touching piece!

Brian Miller said...

nice...when my time comes i want to go out making memories to replace the ones i have lost...this is a provocative piece...i like it much...

Marian said...

oh, wow, i am overcome reading this.

libithina said...

How beautiful ~ and we don't want to ever forget ~ to retain as much as we can ~ to ride those 'stallions' again ~ adored it Brenda ~ Lib @Libithina

flaubert said...

Wow! Brenda, full of raw emotion. Nice!


Anonymous said...

I keep coming across the theme of dementia in my life: I hope it's not a portent :)

Strong and frightening poem, Brenda.

lucychili said...

mm powerful, and where we are journeying to, life is a strange business

NanU said...

You do pack a punch, Brenda!

Helen said...

Quite simply ... I love this.

Bagman and Butler said...

Yes a great piece. Deserves to sit right along side "Do not go gentle into that dark night."