04 May 2011

WordPlay 1-3

A big thank you to Elizabeth at 1sojournal for inviting readers to journey through a word a day with her. I visited today, and found the first three words. The first piece is dark, but then, so is the word. You should go take a look at Elizabeth's word play, too.

A defensive obstacle made by laying felled trees on top of each other with branches, sometimes sharpened, facing the enemy.

abatis punctures
Ceasar’s heart, lungs, and stomach
orchestrated rabbit chase
leads to beagle bleed out

evil neighborhood boy
brewed from bestial beginnings
carves tally three in old oak tree

B horizon
layer of soil: an intermediate layer of soil beneath
the A horizon, containing some organic matter and clay

round hard shelled bugs
curl in the B horizon
protesting my work in dirt

to laugh hard: to laugh convulsively and loudly (literary)

Her incessant cachinnation raised eyebrows.
She watched her spirit fly from her mouth,
and wondered why they looked at her that way.
Could they see it, too?


Elizabeth said...

And I thought I was having fun! Thanks so much for playing along. Really like what you did with all three of them. Thank you Brenda,


flaubert said...

Love them, Brenda. I want to try this, too. I am just short on time this week.