16 May 2011

Reflecting Tomes ~ A Magpie Tale

Reflecting tomes lined in rows
pages coerced together.
A collision of words lies
trapped in sequential narration.
Stories yearn for the feast of your eyes;
it is you that makes them alive.

Meanwhile, your fingers tease
and twirl through filigreed swirls
recessed upon leather bound spines.
Up to the top, your fingers drop
levering a hardbound down.
Hands caress both front and back
opening pages
dancing a story free.

I am book
I mesmerize you
I take you away from you
I open windows to your soul
I smell inky, pungent, old and new.

paper print typeset font

Once nooks were cosy places
where books with pages lived,
now Nooks diminish the thrill for kids
that a leather bound classic tome gives.

Tess Kincaid at Magpie Tales provides a picture every Monday for writing inspiration. Thanks Tess!


Kim Nelson said...

All three are terrific, but that second one calls out to me!

Mary said...

All of these are impressive, Brenda! I will have to get back into "Mags" again soon.

brenda w said...

Thanks Kim. I like the first one the best. But the books wanted a stronger voice! :)
Mary, I only started up again three or maybe 4 weeks ago. It gives me some direction. I'm glad you like them.

Kathe W. said...

I love all three- brilliant writing- but if I have to choose
the second poem is what I will take with me!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with most....all great, but number two is spectacular. Vb

M. A. S. said...

I so like the trio. The first is my favorite. And,m though I don't have a Nook, my sister tells me if I get an eReader of any sort, I will love it and read 10x more than I read now. She thought she's hate hers. But, I think if a Nook makes a kid that would not pick up a book, read a book. Then it's fantastic. I mean, how long will it be before books (beautiful books!) are in museums next to scrolls and cave paintings?

brenda w said...

Thanks for stopping by...#2 seems to be a favorite. :)

Michael, We're of a like mind on the first one, and the Nook. I worry about books, but I teach reading to kids who would rather not. SO YES! If they get kids reading, by all means make room for the Nooks and the Kindles!


Brian Miller said...

you can sure spin words and make them dance...wonderful rhymes and cadence...and love how each piece changes the perspective a bit but opens up the whole...and i love books so....filigree, great word

Tumblewords: said...

A lovely book trip -

lucychili said...

they are amazing objects hey =)

Lydia said...

I must admit that I was stumped by this Magpie prompt. You handled it not only aptly, but truly beautifully.