21 May 2011


Yellow rolls down
steep green hills
where angels

They risk disappointing the Absolute
just to smell yellow in.

Rearranged angels
on the wane
lull themselves
through windows
into carnal beds

Beneath dreams
they utter words like Rapture
and dance among
the yellow.

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annell said...

I like the way the use of the wordle makes it just a little uncomfortable!

Mary said...

I love "Yellow rolls down steep green hills...." I can picture this so vividly, Brenda; and I like the repetition of 'yellow' in three stanzas.

flaubert said...

Some beautiful imagery in this, Brenda. I too, like the repetition of "yellow".


Mama Zen said...

"they utter words like Rapture"


angie said...

yes, yellow is an intoxicating thing. nice poem, brenda.

(and how appropriate -- my "are you human" word is "helio!")

Marianne said...

Brilliant poem! I love "dance among
the yellow." I struggled mightily to get all of the words in my wordle and came up one short!

Francis Scudellari said...

I was tempted to do a very spare poem because the words fit together so wonderfully... but I ended up padding it out quite a bit. This is a lovely piece that takes full advantage of the very vivid possibilities I felt in those word choices. Poetry is the best kind of rapture :).

barbara said...

"just to smell yellow in" Knocked it out of the ball park!

(the code word I just got is "joyince". got to get a good definition for that)

cathy said...

lull themselves
through windows
into carnal beds

love that !

Mr. Walker said...

Brenda, that third stanza got me. We're not sure what angels surrendering flight means, and then we get to "Rearranged angels / on the wane" and it becomes clear what's going on - love that stanza and the last one "Beneath dreams".