06 June 2010

taming tangled chaos

a mess of mint maneuvers
to a rock edged border
that barely holds it in

lemon balm

thinning the peppermint
a stalk of swiss chard
volunteers itself
veining red in long green leaves

urging me to create
a dirt circle empty
its base
a corona of mint to contrast
its striking red stalk

A shout out to Sunday Scribblings for the prompt, "mess." And to swiss chard, for volunteering itself in the bed of my mint garden.


Anonymous said...

A gardener myself, who has always had a confusing relationship with mint, I really enjoyed this one, Brenda.

Mint, like an army, takes over land and always conquers. I have chocolate mint that pops up in the oddest places, but do love mowing over it and freeing its delicious scent.

Your swiss chard makes me think of my veggie garden this year....we compost, and are finding all sorts of surprises growing randomly between our actual plantings. Can't wait to see what we get!

- Dina

anthonynorth said...

That's a great take. Sadly I'm not the greatest of gardeners, though.

Understanding Alice said...

I really liked this, and you are obviously a woman who has genuine experience of mint... mine is staying firmly in its pot!

brenda said...

Dina, Confusing relationship with mint? Perhaps we should start a club. :) Lemon Balm doesn't spread quite so rapidly here (USDA zone 3...some years 4). Peppermint and catmint though....woo! I let the cats rub through the catmint...it's for them after all that I grow it.
I like my mint garden. An invasive morning glory type root tries to take over our town, and mint gives it a run for its money. Ha!

Thanks Anthony...You can enjoy gardens without creating them. (even here!) Nice to see you again. I'll head your way today!

Alice, Potted mint does very well. Like I said above...it's so dang prolific it leaves little room for nasty weeds. Thanks for stopping by.

Marianne ~ said...

Hah! You certainly know mint, Brenda. It definitely has a tendency to grow like a weed. But I love it and I love your poem!

Jingle said...


Happy June,
Award 4 u on blogger account.

creative poem!

Dee Martin said...

oh I love chocolate mint in a pot. It smells so good! I love swiss chard too - now I'm hungry!