25 June 2010


and fashion
generates heat
from a force
merging minds
people become thing
engaged or enraged
or boo-yahs
ear stomping
body smashing
murmuring mumbling
limbs knot together
individuals dissolve
and words roar into one
turbulent call

The prompt at Big Tent Poetry this week asked that we think about something that we don't know who to write about. I selected crowds, as I just wrote about the Gulf for ABC Wednesday W(Wounded World.) A short ditty on the Gulf does follow this one on the main page of my blog, if you're interested.


Brenda said...

The words of this poem meld together in one swirl down the page like the way a crowd becomes one force. Very nice... and the city I live in, Toronto, with G20 this weekend, is about to discover its angry crowds... your poem helps me read what's coming, too!

Systematic Weasel said...

Wonderfully written! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

roaring into one call is a great image ... and that's how it happens!

mark said...

It roars like a crowd does. Well done.

00dozo said...

It is difficult to follow all of the prompts in blogsville and, even if you hadn't mentioned that this was for a prompt, I still love this. Nicely done!

(And, it also reminds me of the horns blowing at the World Cup - the constant buzz of a bee's nest!)

@ Brenda in T.O.: I used to live there and can appreciate the hoopla coming your way. Stay safe!

Ron. said...

This swirls exuberantly. Love thos e dissolving individuals, I always try to avoid that.

brenda w said...

Brenda-Thanks for your comments--have fun in Toronto.
Weasel, you too..love your words
carolee and mark--thanks, that's what I was going for, I hate crowds
oodozo--always glad to see you, thanks for your kind words. It's a fun practice to pick out individual utterances, though sometimes impossible!
Ron...I avoid it, too. I started my Christmas shopping this week, (and online!) ha! Hermit me, I'd rather stay home or go off in the woods with friends. Me and crowds. no no no

Mary said...

Brenda, you have captured well the feeling of crowds. I'm picturing a baseball game I was at a couple weeks ago. So many people and SO noisy!


Diane T said...

You have indeed captured the feeling of crowds. Good luck with the G2O this weekend. I have many relatives in Toronto, by the way, though I've only been in the airport! Grand writing!

Tumblewords: said...

I hear them now - the many into one. Nice work!

Elizabeth said...

I don't do well in crowds, and definitely appreciate the way you build this into that roar of one turbulent call. Really good work.


rallentanda said...

You have captured the feeling of the crowd. Reminds me of sheep being herded into a race before being dipped.
'All we like sheep
da Da Da Da
Have gone a-stray aay aay aay aay aay'
Great tune from Handel's ' Messiah '

Francis Scudellari said...

I felt pushed along by the words like someone lost in the thick of a crowd. Back in college (which was a long time ago now), we discussed the crowd mentality in the context of Jung's archetypes and how the individual gives way to more primitive urges (I may be butchering that concept though).

Cynthia Short said...

This illustrates the fact of a crowd becoming like one possibly sinister organism...very good.