29 June 2010

Current American Author

She grew up in love with fairy tales
startled by the grit they embrace.
Dark stories mirror her characters’ interiors.
Riding white horses through taboo families
chasing love and running from self
accidental salvation rises.

lightning strikes
changes lives
backward tales
desire trails

Minnows fill pockets in coats of the dead
Weather becomes an incantation of named rains—
boot polish, red clover, fearsome and swamp.
Her magic swallows the dark belching up redemption.
She grew up in love with fairy tales
stunned by the truth they embrace.

Here is the prompt from POW:
WHO AM I? Write a poem about a well know person, celebrity, historical or mythical figure. Please do not reveal the name . It should be fun to guess who it is.

A big thank you to Rallentanda for the weekly prompt. The title provides a clue to my mystery woman. At the very least six of this author's books are directly indicated in the piece. (hints for you!)


rallentanda said...

Too hard for an Aussie.!

Stan Ski said...

No idea who she is - great piece though.

J. D. Mackenzie said...

Brenda, this sounds so much like the archetype of the strong western American woman, so hard to pin down to one single one. More clues for us, the clueless?

Derrick said...

I'm afraid I'm not "up" on American female authors so have no idea who she is but I like what you've written and the almost repeated refrain.

Marianne ~ said...

In my mind, this could be one of several!!! Love those first 2 lines ... and "minnows fill pockets in coats of the dead" is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue who this is, but your verse is simply stunning and picturesque. I'll be interested to find out who this is.


rallentanda said...

We need a few more clues Brenda. Who are the taboo families? A few more personal details. You're driving us crazy!

brenda w said...

Thank you all for your kind words...I won't reveal who she is yet, but more hints?...

At least three of her books have been made into movies. Nicole Kidman graced one of them as a main character. (late 90s)

She has written 21 books for adults, and six for young adults.

A book she wrote in 2008 can be read from either the first part to the third, or from the third part to the first. As can a story contained within that story. It's brilliant.

brenda w said...

Ha Rall! We posted at almost the same time! Great minds think alike, eh?

The line containing taboo families also contains the title of one of her books.

rallentanda said...

OK,it is the person who wrote " Cold Mountain"
I bought a copy from an op shop and I haven't got around to reading it yet. I am separated from my library at present. Of course I could google the author.You're a tricky little Brenda you are!

brenda w said...

No, no, no! Not Cold Mountain--this author has magic infused throughout her pieces. (I have not read Cold Mountain...)

brenda w said...

The film with Nicole Kidman also starred Aidan Quinn, Dianne Wiest....and....Sandra Bullock-- that's it, done with movie hints.

flaubert said...

I know the author but now I am googling it! Because I cannot remember the name. The two sisters were witches, right?

rallentanda said...

Alice Hoffman...the first author on your list of favourites in your profile.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea but I like your poem very much.


brenda w said...

I disappeared into the world yesterday and came back with a mystery solved by Rallentanda's clever detective work! Yes, it is Alice Hoffman. If you are interested in her work, I suggest starting with her latest adult fiction, The Story Sisters. If you like stories with dark characters who find redemption (sometimes when they aren't even looking!) you will love her work. She is extraordinary.

Pamela-Yes! They are witches, the movie/book is Practical Magic.


J. D. Mackenzie said...

Like how the personal life of the author, shown here in a way that would never appear on a jacket, provides insight into what makes her tick. The bookend lines, jogged a little at the end, finish this so well.