23 June 2010

in the personals

One carbon based
badass brunette,
poet preferable.

Have you obviated
enough birthdays
to lose count
year after “happy” year?

Have you witnessed
sorrow’s white-capped
obsessions circle a nervous sea
during love’s long drought?

Are you willing to succumb to passion’s mad
gasp and drown in another’s embrace?

If so, circle this ad.

**Scorching responses receive instantaneous replies.
***Glacial responses go unanswered.

This wordle prompt came thanks to Irene over at We Write Poems.  Click that link for more takes on the prompt.


Mr. Walker said...

I like it! Fun and clever, and a good use of the Wordle words. Thanks for the laugh.

Mary said...

Brenda, this is a hoot! One can't take oneself or one's wordles too seriously. I enjoyed your humor.

flaubert said...

What a clever idea Brenda!
Love it!

00dozo said...

I love the first stanza! Very clever and humourous.

brenda w said...

Thank you all for stopping to read and comment. I'm glad you like the piece. Ha! It was fun, as Mary says, we can't take wordles too seriously. Some of them are so deep...I just couldn't get there this week.

Stan Ski said...

Great post - hope you find what you're looking for.

brenda w said...

Thanks Stan, It's just a post. I am married and in love (same person...:)

barbara said...

you did have fun with this one. enjoyed it bunches

one more believer said...

finding and circling a personal ad is just abt as fun as finding a lost treasure... i love to read personal ads sometimes they are just soooo creative... good one!!

Anonymous said...

Witty, with a clever use of the prompt words. Even without them I like your wordplay overall in this poem. Nicely done.