03 August 2010

nunca mas juntos POW # 14

  for  t. c.

one last time we   
fall into bed and
heave an ending          to us 
spent,  I look at you
still beside me

surfing down wispy cirrus clouds
our dream selves talk about friendship and love
You say, “We’ll float apart now, but we
will both still float.”
I say, “Sing for me one last time.”
“Chantilly lace, with a pretty face…”

your singing stuns me awake
“Were we just . . .”  
I pause to look for words 
 “. . . in the sky?”
 You answer,  “Yeah,  
we’ll float apart now, 
but we’ll both still float.”

Rallentanda had poets write pieces with a Spanish flair.  Nunca mas juntos means, never again together.  Visit Rallentanda for a peek at Antoino Banderas, and more takes on the prompt.


barbara said...

My last Spanish lesson was in 1965, and I know there is a better acolade than qué bueno! but that's what you get. It IS good.

brenda w said...

Gracias Barbara!

Francis Scudellari said...

What Barbara said :). Floating sums it up well. I love the emotion of the scene, the foreshadowing of a little sadness to come, and the feeling that this moment is worth savoring while it lasts. "Chantilly Lace" makes a good jarring transition from the dream state too.

vivienne blake said...

A really clever poem which shows rather than tells the emotion with tiny details. Why was it the last time? Did they fall out? or was it an illicit relationship. See how you've made me think.

brenda w said...

Francis, I'm glad you liked it. It's fun to see what others think about our words, eh?

Viv, Thank you. You make me feel good about this poem! It was an ending of a legitimate relationship many years ago. Sometimes lives move in different directions. It was good to revisit the ending in poetry.

flaubert said...

Brenda this is fantastic!
I love the floating feeling you have created here!

Stan Ski said...

Some people float, others just drift. Nice to come ashore sometimes though...

Rallentanda said...

Bursting into song
'chantilly lace' is a good reason to split.

jinksy said...

A joining of minds in dreamland, obviously...

Derrick said...

Another soft and dreamy poem. Lovely always to float! I notice you haven't translated the other three Spanish words for us, which says much of our talent!

Tilly Bud said...

Oh, very well done!