17 August 2010

coffee & cake: a soul spilling

At Grandmother’s kitchen table
cardamom coffee cake splits to
expose cinnamon walnut veins
twining through moist yellow fields.

French pressed grinds infuse darkness
that heavy cream clouds unfurl.
My heart spills concentric rings
across Grandmother’s smooth water soul.

She unbolts my floodgates
to decontaminate discontent;
she verifies my life.

We sit in satisfied stillness.
Out the window, a warbler sings.
At Grandmother’s kitchen table,
hearts and stomachs purr.

Shout out to We Write Poems for the picture prompt. 
The picture is Mom's House by Sarah Regnier.


Mary said...

Beautifully written. I just loved the line:

"hearts and stomachs purr."

Everyone should have such a grandmother!

Anonymous said...

love it - that coffee cake sounds delicious, and everything else too, invites me in

you have a wonderful way with words

Derrick said...

There should have been a hunger alert with this, Brenda! Cake, coffee and compassion with Gran. What more could one need?!

marianv said...

Interesting how we entwine love, food & grandmothers. Nice poetic

Gordon Mason said...

Impressed most by 3rd stanza, well written.

brenda w said...

Mary, Thank you for your comment, I agree. A grandmother like this is something to aspire to be one day. :)

gospelwriter, Thanks for your kindness.

Derrick, You managed to make me chuckle again. Thanks.

Marian, I notice many of us brought food & grandma, too. I'm loving the pieces this week.

Gordon, Thanks for your comment. My favorite's the 2nd stanza. It's always interesting to see other perspectives.

gautami tripathy said...

To many delectables lines!

in a roomful of plates

Uma said...

What evocative use of words Brenda. Love these lines:
'She unbolts my floodgates
to decontaminate discontent;
she verifies my life.'

Paul Oakley said...

A beautiful affirmation of a grandmother's affirmative effect. I like the way the scene unfolds in the aura of the prompt photo without ever recapitulating it. I love the phrase "Grandmother's smooth water soul."

Linda said...

Your grandmother reminds me of my grandmother. Loved the way you evoked her spirit through the food and through her bearing.

Wonderfully crafted images.

Diane T said...

What a delightful grandmother you have! How nice that she inspired you to enjoy yourself! Poignant and brilliant! Love it!

flaubert said...

Brenda this is so beautiful!
`hearts and stomachs purr`
how lovely

barbara said...

I do love the smell of cardamon.

irene said...

Grandmothers are special This poem is so affirmative of that. Thanks Brenda.

Wayne Pitchko said...

well done Brenda with lots of good lines...nice photo of downtown Montana too

vivienne blake said...

A marvellous vision, bringing wafts of that delicious cake as it bakes. My favourite line: 'decontaminate discontent'
We should all have a go at that.