19 August 2010


silken stream
moisten my spirit
soften its 
pineapple thorns

plant me naked 
in baked fields 
bouldered with 
broken cars 
near Juniper’s 
deep-rooted soul

hose the spot 
make me summer clay
shape me into earthen pots
render me useful

hand blown zeroes whisper
infinity,       infinity 

This is one of two pieces I wrote for the Big Tent Poetry prompt wordle. Visit the Big Tent link to read some more poems. You'll be glad you did.

I wrote one other piece earlier in the week using this wordle. It's called Huh?


Dina Spice said...

Read as a whisper to me. I loved your connection with the earth...planting you, you becoming summer clay. Very quiet, spiritual feel.

- Dina

willow said...

I adore hand blown zeros.

Mary said...

I really like:

shape me into earthen pots
render me useful...

A wonderful thought for humans AND non humans alike.

brenda w said...

Dina, Wow, thank you.

Willow, The zeroes were hard to work in to the piece. I'm glad you like them.

Mary, Thank you! Glad you like it.

flaubert said...

Brenda beautiful use of the words!
It has a wonderful flow

jinksy said...

baked fields
bouldered with
broken cars

No scrap heap for you, though!

Derrick said...

Wistful, Brenda! I like "juniper's deep-roted soul".

Elizabeth said...

A prayer-like meditation filled with wonderful images and ending with blown kisses of ooohhhs. Incredible use of the words. Love it.


Diane T said...

I love 'plant me naked / in baked fields'... and you end up being useful! Delightful poem. Can't wait to read your first one!

b_ said...

I, too, would like being useful.

Wayne Pitchko said...

earthen pots and blown zeros...winter in Montan Hu...thanks for this Brenda

River said...

A beautiful poem and wonderful usage with words. :)

Deb said...

Oh! I do like this a lot, especially "plant me naked in baked fields ..."

Terrific voice in this poem.

Paul Oakley said...

Love the play between "naked" and "baked." In fact, I was tempted to read baked in two syllables, which has an interesting effect.

I like the way you move from silken stream to baked fields, from zeroes to infinity, from existence to usefulness.

Anonymous said...

oh, i love how u used the different words.. :) brilliant.. the second verse esp.!

Leo's Big Tent Poem

Tumblewords: said...


signed...bkm said...

Love - render me useful...great piece and congrat's on blog of the week....bkm