24 March 2011

Three haiku and she floats

whirling illusions
polish deception until
clarity dissolves


fingers move across
introspective ivory
air becomes alive


secret renewal
intoxicates deep regions
hitherto unmoved


she floats

Neurotic introspection
caresses hysteria
encouraging destruction.

Merging hallucinations incessantly chant
. . . shackles . . . shackles . . . shackles . . .
undering perception.

Futiitly polishes darkness
while Earth hibernates
in hyperspace.
Dodging destruction,
she floats.

Inspiration for these pieces came from Big Tent Poetry's Monday prompt. Here’s an excerpt: “This week we are going to try bending, maybe even breaking & re-stitching words together. And we’ll use Big Tent Poetry’s latest resource page: Poetry Toys!   For these pieces, I visited the Language is a Virus website, where I found moveable refrigerator magnets with words from famous poets.

Anais Nin’s multi-syllabic words captured my attention. Almost all of the words in the haiku are from Nin’s fridge. The last piece, she floats, has Nin’s words woven with my own. To find other poets' refrigerators, visit the electronic poetry kit at Language is a Virus. Thanks again to Big Tent (this was fun)!


flaubert said...

Brenda, interesting results from the process. I love the haikus.


barbara said...

I think the POST TITLE is a poem--what a wonderful thought, like champaign.
I was a little tickled to see that there is ivory in one haiku. This old child of the commercial message well remembers "Ivory Soap. It floats!"

vivinfrance said...

An astonishing combination has emerged from the process. I too read the title as a continuous phrase!

brenda w said...

~Pamela, Thanks for stopping by, the haikus were engaging to construct--what a fun activity!
~Barbara, Ivory soap thrilled me in the bathtub as a kid. The title read like a poem to me, too. It's my favorite part of the entire piece.
~Viv, Nice to see you, thanks for your kind words. The process was challenging, and satisfying. You should try the electric poetry link above. Pick a poet, and go for it!

Cathy said...

Haiku are great. Last poem reminds me of a surrealist poem

Brenda said...

I went and took a peek at Anais Nin's fridge and am in awe of what you have crafted. The haikus are full of flowing, and the poem takes that sense further into a more scary perception. Together they present a full vision.

Especially I like 'introspective ivory / air...'

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Nin's writing. I can tell you enjoyed this exercise. So did I. Thanks for sharing it.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Lovely poems, I especially liked your first haiku.