12 March 2011


Hopper grows old at the foot of my chair
dreaming of dog bones and pussies to snare,
More often than not my feet find him there,
sleeping deep deeping beneath my stuffed chair.

The prompt at Writer’s Island this morning was “tribute.”  This one goes out to the family dog Hopper.  Hopper is a pit bull mix.  He’s graced out lives for nine years, and we love him.  Pit bulls get a bad rap.   Hopper is deaf, so he sleeps the sleep of the dead.  A good stomp on the floor wakes him.  I used iambic pentameter in this piece to help me get something moving.

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Everyday Goddess said...

nice tribute to a loving friend!

vivinfrance said...

Delightful tribute. My Mum used to breed bull terriers, and I loved them a lot.

flaubert said...

How lovely, Brenda. I love my animals, too. They are in fact
our best friends.


Gloria said...

A nice tribute! My parents got a rescue dog awhile ago (after losing their Maggie to old age), and she has a bit of a hearing deficit and was obviously abused. She is now my Mom's best friend!

Meryl Jaffe said...

A nice tribute, may your deaf friend be with you many more years!


LKHarris-Kolp said...

I love this rythmical rhyming tribute to your ole faithful dog. Our yellow lab passed away a few years ago. It was devastating. We have two wonderful dogs now.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

What a lovely tribute!