25 March 2011

Call it war, it is what it is

Epicenters of uprisings
explore decimation,
plundered people scatter in panicked packs
some track flat beneath turreted tanks
ta tat - ta tat - ta tat tat - tattering torsos
to shreds of
all that used to be.

we open our eyes
to sunshine and doughnuts
living every day
like nothing matters but Facebook.

Suffering superfluities Batman!
We oughta get outta Afghanistan!
Lybia shmybia shimmering glimmia
“It’s not an Iraq, It’s not an Afghanistan.”
What is it then,
a sparkling jewel?

Process Notes: Listening to the news, I noticed how they cleanse language to conceal the horror of war, rendering it benign. When discussing the uprising in Lybia, the American news referred to “epicenters of uprisings.” This poem was born from that phrase. Disclaimer: I know a lot of Americans live their lives for more than facebook.


Isabel Doyle said...

don't apologise for speaking honestly, well done

Tilly Bud said...

I thought that second stanza was fantastic.

brenda w said...

~Isabel, Thank you for encouraging honesty. It's easy for me to censor myself, and I'm working on not apologising. Your words, help. I'm glad you liked the piece. Stop by again--I visited your site, your writing is interesting and well constructed.
~Tilly, Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you like it. I'm on my way to read your joke of the day now. What, only 999 to go? :)

flaubert said...

Agreed never apologize for what you believe in, Brenda. I read this last night and meant to come back and comment, but I fell asleep:)
The language used by the media is frustrating to say the least, I watch the news and am horrified by what is going on in this world.
Strong piece of writing, Brenda, bravo!


Kelly said...

I agree with both comments - I love the piercing honesty of this.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Ohhh, wow. You strike a chord with me here, Brenda. Yesterday my children and I were protesting Violence Against Women. I loved watching the people either honk at us in solidarity or curiosity or frown or curiosity. Especially the kids, I wonder what they talked about to their parents as a result. Poetry like this may awaken people, Brenda. Grateful you wrote it.

brenda w said...

~Pamela, Thanks for your support. The honesty in your work inspires me. I'm so glad we've connected again.
~Kelly, I'm glad you stopped by, and appreciate the support.
~Julie, Happy to see you here. Spreading an awareness of violence gives kids ownership of compassion. Keep up that good work!