29 March 2011

musty minutes

When flourished forgettings flash,
crows play chess in the folds of my brain.
Their fluttering flusters up musty minutes
as onyx pawns cross alternating sidewalks
of feathered glass.

My glasses.
Where did I put my glasses?

What was your name again?

A big crow circles my thoughts.
Tracking the front of its revolution
my head sways side to side
and my glasses catch the window light.

What am I doing in the kitchen?

Here is the prompt from We Write Poems:
"Musty Minutes. Where do these two words take you? Memory? Past experience? Dream images? Might your response be driven by scent, or more related to some history of your life. Wherever they take your thoughts and words, use those results to create your poem. You may use the two word phrase in your poem or even as a title. Or that one phrase might suggest another turn of phrase. Something in the attic or as close as your own back pocket? As always, please take this spark as wide and far as your imagination desires."


Anonymous said...

Love the alliteration and intricacy of the first verse and tyhen the flow of ideas - the prompt kind of called for this really, didn't it!



Anonymous said...

I like the shifting back and forth from the mind to reality and the thread of images.

Judy Roney said...

This was fun to read and great descriptions of the musty mind that makes it clear.


flaubert said...

Brenda, great description of the musty mind. Nicely written.


Mike Patrick said...

Wonderful. LOL. Welcome to my world.

vivinfrance said...

My mind is very musty these days, so I tuned in immediately to the wavelength of this lovely poem.

Mary said...

Just wonderful, Brenda! I can SO identify. Nice to see you writing poetry again.

Elizabeth said...

When I read the line about crows playing chess in the folds of my brain, I nodded and understood. I have no idea why, which made me smile. I like your poem,


Mr. Walker said...

That first stanza struck me as a daydream, a reverie, and then it comes back to reality. I like how you explored the idea of "musty minutes", going from "feathered glass" to "My glasses."

Wayne Pitchko said...

day dreams to reality.......nicely done and thanks for sharing your words

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Wonderful language usage -- alliteration, etc. And I love the contrast between the complex thoughts in your brain and the forgetting the mundane. Delightful!