22 March 2011

Satan's Wires

Forsaken eyes bleed
under cloudless blue skies,
dripping brick veneer
down holy crowns
tearing thorn through flesh to
mess with its essence,
dispatching frequent pulses
that vibrate Satan’s wires.

A shout out to Nicole Nicholson at We Write Poems for the picture prompt.   "Nicole stumbled upon the work of an Australian street artist named Rone who creates a variety of striking graphic art on the streets of Melbourne." 


flaubert said...

Brenda, "Satan's wires" that is a powerful phrase. This is an excellent, concise piece. Not a wasted word.

ps, did you get my email?

Judy Roney said...

Satan's wires was a jolt! Great interpretation of this painting. Leaves me with a feeling of fear when I read it and see the photo.

gautami tripathy said...

Loved that title.

face on the wall

Nicole Nicholson said...

An amazing response to the prompt. I love how you included the entire image -- the sky and the wires besides just the woman's face on the wall -- to paint the scene. Your choice also worked very well towards the mood you created.


brenda w said...

~Pamela :)

~Judy, It scares me a little, too.

~Guatami, Like many poems it serendipitously titled itself. I love when it comes that way.
Satan entered the piece to create tension with the crown of thorns. Good to see you here. Your eyes are beautiful!

~Nicole, Thank you for your kind words. It was my intention to pull the wires into the piece from the start. It's a beautiful old building. Thanks for sharing Rone's work in the prompt at We Write Poems.

Tilly Bud said...

I love that you included the wires; I haven't seen anyone else do that so far.

barbara said...

Oh, what a turn
I would never have found The Passion in that stencil, but it's there, plain as can be.
An awful lot of nice writing for such a small package, too