18 April 2010

To the Office

Do not pass Go,
Do not collect $200.
His “I didn’t do nothin’”
brings riotous laughter from
the class of students who witnessed
the BB zip through the air and
hit the back of Randall Crane’s head.
The boy is proud of write up #67
in his illustrious two-year career.

Social studies befuddles him, English
looks like Greek. Math fails to inspire him
and science is for geeks. He does not need
teachers to care for him. A clown, he pushes
past his lack of academic skill with classroom
antics that win kids’ hearts.
To the office he goes
day in and day out.
Never catching up.

Academics slide through holes in lives.
Children, left behind, throw BBs, and
sell weed in middle school cafeterias.
They live for the moment their teacher,
arm extended, finger pointed,
finally says, “To the office.”

Hitting air fives with his homeys
BB boy heads down the hall.

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