21 April 2010

According to the Pakistan Institute of Physics

~for Thyra--to mark your extroadinary arrival

In Pakistan, on the day
you were born
the horizon’s cyan glow
diffused the edges of clear sky
with the colors of Karachi life.

A man and his monkey
danced in the street until the
new moon occluded the sun.

With blackness,
light greened,
wind ceased,
birds circled,
stars appeared,
dogs howled,
temperatures cooled,
a rooster doodle dooed,
and your light emerged in Montana.

In Pakistan,
people stood
in the streets
with little boxes they made
to look at the sun
as the moon
briefly eclipsed it.

In Montana,
I pushed you out
into the hands
of an angel, relieved
that you were
and (I looked at your eyes)

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