26 April 2010

Slumber Party Conjuring

Black candles
float flames
flickering soft on
feminine faces.
A concentrated circle
calls on the spirit of Salome’
seductress of serpentine dance.

The candles whoosh out and
relight while the
girls’ fists slam a rhythm
on the table.
Chanting five times in
rising crescendo
the girls appeal:
Dancing like no other here,
show yourself, in form appear.

Winds swirl from the
walls inward.
Fanned flames
float smoke veils
that undulate
and glow.

Beneath shining eyes,
the girls point their palms
up and together.
Shuffling them before their lips,
they utter
. . . Salome’ . . . Salome’ . . . Salome’ . . .

Monday at school, secreted whispers
between slumber party sisters speak of
Salome’ swirling sass into the dance of seven veils.

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