10 June 2011

Dear Readers,

With sadness but no regret, my writing at Beyond the Bozone is complete. The blog will remain archived here. I may remove pieces if I choose to revise them for publication. All of the work here is mine. Read it and enjoy it. Your presence here is what makes blogging worthwhile.

My ego will have me yearning for Blogger’s followers feature, but it bothers me that Blogger makes it difficult for many WordPress writers to leave their imprint in the comment sections beneath posts. In the comments at WordPress bloggers are able to reply directly below individual comments. That is also a feature sending me their way.

I’ll miss the Bozone, but it is time to move forward. Please visit my new Wordpress blogs gathered stones and undercaws, where I hope you will find the commenting more friendly.




flaubert said...

Brenda, I concur with you on this. I feel some sadness about leaving blogger, also. I put your new site "undercaws" on my blogroll at wp. Here's to writing and interacting on a more user friendly platform.


00dozo said...

Wonders will never cease! I can post as meself here today without having to use an alternate browser.

Sorry about your departure. Like you, I may soon leave Blogger for WordPress and will, too, miss the 'Follow' feature. You can (in case you didn't know this already) add a widget in WordPress to have your readers subscribe to your blog which, in a sense, is like following.

If it's the 'nesting' comments you prefer - and I do, too - you can always install Disqus on your Blogger site (see my last post, "Happy Happy Joy Joy" for destructions). This is a possible solution for commenting by your non-Blogger and, come to think of it, Blogger followers. If you try Disqus but have problems, I'll try to help you if I can.

Otherwise, I will be looking for you around WordPress.


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

O-no! Don't leeeve! Boo-hoo!
You have the most precious,
precocious voice in the whole
universe, miss gorgeous. Why?
God made only ONE of you...
and, yes, sHe made ONE of me,
two, and 1 of me is enough.
'Laugh it up, fuzzball'
-Han Solo, Hoth
● NOPEcantELOPE.blogspot.com ●
Cya soon, miss gorgeous...