29 May 2011

The Photographer's Girlfriend

Photograph by Scott Wyden

She sighs, surrounding each
of his fingers with her own--
intertwining digits,
imagining his picture
with her
a spandex clad savior
mission complete, flying for fun.
Strength becomes her.

She spreads shock and awe
amongst dwellers behind reflected clouds.
Rising toward that crack of sky,
she leaves him behind, camera in hand,
puzzled and alone.

Surfing around this morning, I found One Stop Poetry. An interview with photographer Scott Wyden is posted. The recommendation for writers is to use his pictures to inspire a poem or a piece of flash fiction in 55 words. Without the title, my poem is 55 words, and fiction. I took the perspective of the photographer's girlfriend, wishing he paid more attention to her, than to his craft.


dustus said...

Well done 55 piece... excellent short narrative poem. Has elements of both mystery and seduction.

hedgewitch said...

I think she should have taken her own picture--and perhaps the camera as well. Great economy of words to give such a full picture of a relationship/situation in only 55 of them.

Brian Miller said...

someone needs to put the camera down and attend to his lady...

Anonymous said...

lol too funny, especially when asking to be called...your majesty has flitted into my own thoughts the last few days, even when actually hearing it would probably make me gag--at myself for having uttered the desire hehehe

Stamps feet!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, well worked through

flaubert said...

Nicely done Brenda. Economically perfect narrative piece. I love one stop, there are some nice folks at that site.


Anonymous said...

see - those photographers..they're obsessed..nice and creative take on the prompt brenda and nice to meet you

Mary said...

Excellent - a poem / story in 55 words! Admirable accomplishment.

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Nice story poem that links to the image well

libithina said...

great summation of this relationship in so few words ~ clever characterisation ~ and take Brenda ~ married to his art ~ and the lady protests ~ Lib @Libithina

Eileen said...

A very interesting perspective, Brenda. And a great 55!

Mr. Walker said...

Brenda, I just love the story you tell. Love "that crack of sky" - just begs to be flown into - and your heroine does. He should be left behind "puzzled and alone." You've inspired me again - now I have to try a 55 word poem.