14 May 2011

Jebediah's Fire

Brandishing hips holstered
in leather and rhinestones
her wide brimmed hat filters catcalls,
sunlight, and Jebediah’s rural stare.

She feels him like a chimney
eking smoke up her stack.

Distant bridges whisper stories
textured with his touch.
Lost in lustful reverie
salty infusions begin to erupt
evoking an image
of her gecko slurping
sweat from her brow.

Touching the brim of her hat
she tilts it up, stops and
stares Jebediah straight on.

Before substituting one sure thing for another
she pulls her hat back down
and draws both Colts lightning quick:
twelve shots, twelve bottles shattered.

Jebediah’s mile wide smile
sets her chimney on fire.

This wordle inspired piece came from a wordle I created from three poets' work.  Check out other poets uses of the wordle words, or join the party and submit your own poem.
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vivinfrance said...

Oh, Brenda, I can really picture the scene. It's great fun, though I'm not sure I'd appreciate a gecko licking up my sweat!

Mary said...

Oh, Brenda, you are so clever. What a scene! I am so glad I did not read YOURS until after I had finished mine.

I love "She feels him like a chimney eking smoke up her stack."

annell4 said...

I like your write, and found your wordle to be an interesting collection of words....

brenda w said...

Viv, I'm glad you like it. The gecko showed up for the word "slurping." I actually googled to see if geckos slurp. Yes they do!

Mary, Thank you. I'll be off to read yours next. The line you picked is my favorite, too.

Annell, Thanks, I hope you take them somewhere, too. :)

Elizabeth said...

You had so much fun with these words. What a great picture and story you have painted. I promptly thought of Annie Oakley, and the images had me fanning myself, lol. Wonderful write,


flaubert said...

Annie Oakely is exactly what I was thinking. What a delightful read, Brenda. I am finding these words to be a slight challenge. You used them perfectly.


brenda w said...

Elizabeth, Glad you liked the piece, and it was fun to write...still not sure what I think of the gecko, but I left slurping in the word mess. I like your wordle piece a great deal. Even in frustration, you evoke excellent images through your own word choice.

Pamela, I considered naming the girl, and decided it was best to leave it up to the readers. I'm glad I left it as is. These words were difficult. I promise I'll do something a bit more thematic next week!

Maude Lynn said...

What an outstanding write! I really like this one.

Francis Scudellari said...

The cool thing about "non-thematic" groupings like this is that the words lead to such wildly different interpretations. I like the western framework to this, and the very unique imagery you used to flesh it out. There are too few good female characters in most westerns.

Unknown said...

I suspect SHE is Jebediah's fire! This is a fabulous ode to strong, confident women!

brenda w said...

Mama Zen, I'm glad you like it, me too.

Francis, Good point about the groupings. I'll alternate. Thank you for your kind words. "Unique imagery" feels good.

Kim, I suspect it goes both ways. Then it'll burn even hotter. lol

Anonymous said...

Great fun, Brenda. You made sense of a difficult wordle.

Did you mean to make it so hard? :)

brenda w said...

No Tilly, I did not mean to make it this hard. I struggled, but thought it was me. I do like the pieces that came from the wordle. Maybe hard is okay? :)


Marianne said...

Your wordle sizzles! I loved "She feels him like a chimney eking smoke up her stack." And this image is dy-na-mite; "Distant bridges whisper stories textured with his touch." You did a fantastic job with those tricky words! I really look forward to doing the wordles and reading all of the impressive poems that evolve.

Mr. Walker said...

Brenda, I was curious about where you went as soon as I saw your title. What a great story! So many great lines/images, it's hard for me to choose. I like what you do with the hat and the chimney; hmmm... one seems masculine and one seems feminine.


bonneypoet said...

Terrific story poem, Brenda! I could see the whole thing developing. Your word use is so vivid. :)

Cathy said...

love it, Interesting way to show a guy you are playing with fire.

angie said...

oh, haha! I'd tell you how much I love this but suddenly I need to get a drink of water...