31 December 2010

gleaming possibilities

Pieces from puzzles and frames holding faces
bathrooms with drawers full of ribbons and laces
brown cardboard boxes beginning to fill
with things from a life that never more will

Dogs run through hearts, and give out wet kisses
while snakes on the hillside share rattles and hisses
the river below will continue its spill
far cry from a life that never more will

Betrayal uncovered set moving in motion
the kids are quite certain you need a love potion
But what can you do when the lies overspill
and cover a life that never more will

When the dad lies
and the mom cries
and the dog says goodbye
Nothing is simple when everything ends,
but the birth of a new life gleams.


The Big Tent prompt this week was to construct a list poem. I used the song "My Favorite Things" as inspiration to get going on this one. I recently helped a friend pack up a life---this came from the experience. May the gleaming grow into a beautiful life.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

wow, Brenda, so poignant. I love it and it makes me wistful and sad, simultaneously.

I am grateful you took the time to catalog the memory.

My Big Tent List Poem.

Anonymous said...

lots of dogs and snakes this week! isn't that interesting! i like the wet kisses as a contradiction to the snakes hisses.

Elizabeth said...

I could hear the song while I was reading and even wondered if you'd done it on purpose. Thanks for confirming that. Packing up an old life and beginning a new one is never simple or without a level of pain. Feel for your friend, but like how you captured those feelings,


flaubert said...

Brenda you certainly set this in motion, nicely done.
Happy New Year it has been nice having you back around.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done Brenda...enjoyed your words..have a great NY

Anonymous said...

Tinged with sadness and beauty. The nostalgia of New Year's eve seems to bring out a keen awareness of loss. I fell into the rythmn of the song on the second line. Very well done. Blessings to you in 2011.