21 December 2010

Dear Santa

I haven’t been very good this year.
Foul words fell from my mouth, and
my contact with family and friends
frittered to infrequency.
On the other hand, I reached
a couple of middle school
students who try their darndest to
resist reading and learning in the
classroom. Maybe that’s enough
to merit making my wish come true?


We were friends a long time ago.
Do you remember when Grandpa and I
saw your lights sail away in the sky?
We could hear your sleigh bells.
I was certain Donder looked our way.

My Christmas wish is not just for me,
Santa, it’s for the have-nots, the students
who pepper my classroom, who have-not
a love for good books. It is for them that I find
myself wishing.

I want a collection of
graphic novels with rich vocabulary
engaging story lines, and images
that carry readers to other worlds.
I want Lakota, Jordan, and Purple Dude
to want to read books. I want these boys
who never read, who never disappear
into text to forget that their eyes are
glued to pages as they become the
stories they read. Lured in by warriors
saving the day, and glimpses of history
shocking image and text, I want readers
wanting more. Have I been good enough
for that, Santa?
Have I?


This is my first post for Carry on Tuesday. Visit the link for more letters to dear Mr. Claus.


Lena said...

I think Santa's a pretty fine-minded bloke. You've been good enough, Brenda.

A Merry Christmas to you and your family....XxX

gs batty said...

your heart is certainly in the right place and I know Santa considers big hearts

Nanka said...

Very touching and you are definitely in Santa's good books!!

Devilzangel said...

Loved reading a different version :).

keiths ramblings said...

There's no way Santa will leave you out this year!Keep up the good work.