08 February 2010

Medusa's Lament

My beauty
until serpents
anchored in my skull
and flick you

Athena’s jealous wrath
cemented my fate.

Snakes eating snakes
rise up from my head
men start to turn
when they stop stone-dead.
All of their faces
swivel from me
from the horror of serpents
tongues forked before speech.

Woe I walk through statues
who no longer see.
Woe I look into empty eyes
turning from me.

And you wonder
that I feel at home
in lonely cemeteries
stone statuaries

Woe I walk through statues
who no longer see.
Woe I see the vacant eyes
that turn from me.

Athena’s jealous wrath
keeps me away from anyone
but me--

And I’m so angry
that I hold my head
inside my hands
and cry and cry and cry and cry!

Oh why? Oh why? Oh why? Oh why?

Perseus beheads Medusa…end of lament


dsbiehl said...

That was a rough go...I'd like to think we do better nowadays, but people don't change that much.

bwarren said...

hey yo, dsbiehl :) I can't read this one too often, it takes me on a dark ride. It's intereseting what comes out of these fingers, and how I feel about it later. Thanks for your words.