09 February 2010

chewed thumb

Last night the dog was chewing on something. History tells me that Hopper eats things that no living creature should ever ingest. Hanging my arm down the side of my chair, I reached my thumb into his mouth to pull out whatever it was he was eating, and he started eating my thumb. I felt his tooth grind it. The pain was immediate and intense. I whacked the side of Hopper’s face with my other hand and startled him. The chewing stopped. “OW, OW, OW, OW, OW” I ran to the kitchen sink and ran cold water into the wound, and forced myself to look at it. A 3D W jagged in the tip of my thumb. The nail had a hole near its base on the side. It looked like Hopper almost pulled the top off it backward. I called Len and threw up. I don’t think Hopper had a clue that he hurt me. He kept chewing whatever it was he had, and likely ate it. My thumb will heal, but the nail might fall off first.

The moral of this story? Never put your thumb in a chewing dog’s mouth.

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