04 June 2011

it ended before it began

In the gaudy glow of afterbirth
a field mouse burrows its hantavirus hole,
unknowingly pulling Hank the Hired Man
into death’s murmuring abyss.
His chest undulates convulsions
while Misty Winston, the Rancher’s Daughter
touches his common cheek
unafraid of Daddy’s inky wrath.

Her hero lies dying
spinning his way into
purple nothingness.

He stills and her beating heart breaks.

Hantavirus is an often-fatal respiratory disease carried by field mice. It occurs with low incidence in Montana. Its onset is not as sudden as the piece makes it seem. It starts with flulike symptoms and progresses from there. This piece was from the wordle words at a whirling whirl of Sundays.


Mary said...

Oh, you wove magic with those wordle words, spinning a sad tale. (I hope poor Misty doesn't contract hantavirus.)

flaubert said...

I'll second that, Brenda, you wove these words quite well into a very sad tale. Nicely done.


Marianne said...

Oh dear! A sad and horrible story ... poor Hank, and poor Misty! Well done, Brenda!

Francis Scudellari said...

A compelling narrative and a medical education as a bonus :).

Mr. Walker said...

Brenda, a sad tale told with compassion. I love that last line, that contrast between the still and beating hearts.


Henry Clemmons said...

A sad one, but very well written and presented. Great use of the words.

Cathy said...

Agree, that is a sad poem but beautiful done.

Traci B said...

Well written, gloomy poem-story, Brenda. Definitely a different take on the wordle words.