18 March 2010

Boycott the Circus

Boycott the circus!
Don't go there anymore!

They keep elephants chained for days
and days and days and more!

They beat their flesh with bullhooks
then parade them all around.
You stand and cheer and whistle,
and keep the elephant bound.

1 comment:

bwarren said...

Look at the times of my post. I will rally to the elephants' cause, but I house large birds. Such a disastrous state of affairs, I know. Boycott the Circus came because my psyche needed mending. Moon on the Wane makes me feel sad that Sophia spends a good part of her day in a cage. I'm just giving you what comes. *sigh* self-flagellation....btw, I'm a Finn. Finns beat themselves with willow branches or other various tall hydrophilic plant forms in the sauna. Moon on the Wane beat me, this feeble attempt is me, on the floor of the sauna, where it's not so damn hot. :)