15 June 2009


You know the story--the one about the guy selling pencils on a corner in China having an impact on butterfly wing flapping in Montana. Everything affects everything. We are, I am, a massive oneness. Duality is an illusion that makes it easier to "deal."

Think of the the responsibility this brings. Every thing you do impacts the all.

In March of 2003 a truck pummeled through our front fence and landed in a parking spot at the school across the street from our house. The fence had only been up for a week. It was there to protect TL when she played in the yard with Hopper. The man tested clear of drugs and alcohol. He claims that he threw up and passed out. He meant to hit the brakes when he threw up, but he hit the accelerator. He was fine afterward and there were no other injuries. The fence in my front yard looked sad for a short spell, and his truck suffered some damage.

Now, what does this little truck story have to do with the price of pencils in China? There was an earthquake in Indonesia at the same time a man threw-up and lost consciousness in Great Falls,
Montana clearing out the corner of a chain link fence with his 1/2 ton truck.

Was that a message? HEY LADY! You think a fence will protect your kid?!

Fences indeed.
Good fences make good neighbors, or in our case vicious dogs.

Hopper is a pit bull mix. He was found on the side of the road by the sheriff with his head split open--the apparent victim of a hit-and-run. The sheriff's deputies brought him to the vet. We adopted him.

A favorite game of the neighbor boys was to run up and down the length of the chain link fence making faces with wiggling fingers at Hopper. Hopper growled and they encouraged him. His fence behaviour is offensive, if not scary. We moved. Hopper still hates people on the opposite side of a fence from himself. I encourage neighbors to spray him with their hoses, it humbles him.

Hopper is the Doodles. He rocks. His behavior mellows more and more daily as he ages into stiff muscles and well-cushioned rests. Although signing "walk" or "outside" still gets him wiggling.

Blah blah blah, what does this have to do with connections at work within the massive oneness?

Oh yeah....
My daughter wanted a deaf dog for Christmas. I searched online and began commuication with a woman in Bozeman who rescues deaf dogs from shelters or other circumstances and engages in agility training with them. I was considering one of her dogs that worried me as it was a breed with herding tendencies. At that point in time we had seven cats in the house. (We bred Maine Coons for a spell...don't try it in a small house.) Still, this was the only deaf dog I could find, and Christmas was merely months away.

Here's the clincher, kismet, fate, connectedness.....a flyer shows up at the MSDB (Montana School for the Deaf and Blind) office: Pete -- Deaf Dog, needs home, come to Skyline Vetrinary. The Blazer got us to Skyline Vet , and in no time "Pete" was one of the family. Pete is Hopper, Doodles, Doodley-Doo, and he came to us right when we were looking for him. He wanted us, we wanted him.
We fit right. (from a Deirdre Flint song)

Many months later, I was at MSDB subbing, when the supervising teacher told me to go home. She had just driven by my house and saw that "someone took out the front fence." My immediate panic was Hopper. Did I leave him out that morning? I usually didn't leave him out in front because he terrorized school children. But if the back fence was at all compromised....who knows what Doodles would doodly do?

When I got home I didn't see Hopper, and checked in the house. Oblivious to recent drama, Hopper's snout rested across the pillows of my bed, and he barked that soft little dream bark that makes his mouth look like he's smiling. With TL at school, Doodles asleep, and the cats in windows, my attention turned to the fence.

I felt victimized. There had to be a reason that guy puked right then; he said he felt fine up until that moment. He was checked out and released from medical attention. I googled earthquakes and tornadoes all day until I found one. The time fit. On May 26, 2003, an earthquake in Halmahera, Indonesia coincided with a freak accident in a Great Falls, Montana front yard. Every action has a reaction.

Things happen simultaneously. Balance in the massive oneness flows in and out of whack.

Or is the preceding verbage simply whack?


Becca said...


I am happy to see that you have come to the "dark side" and become a blogger yourself.

I love your voice. I love your ideas. I am glad Hopper is okay! I am remembering that your daughter is deaf?! Is that right.

The year before this, I spent two remarkable teaching years with 2 deaf students. Boy, talk about an education. My sign is weak, but I can get by... I think they taught me as much as I taught them.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

bw said...


Wow! My first comment, I really am a member of this elite blogging club, or the "dark side." You inspired me when you professed (confessed?) to blogging in May.

Hopefully, we can use this for one of our four written assignments this summer.

About TL...yes she has a hearing loss...who else would actively search for a deaf dog?! I've had friends say...oh, you mean one of those dogs that helps deaf people? Uh, no. (and we love him!)

Yay! The class starts soon......see you Monday.